Range anxiety? Me arse!

Life cycle or Range anxiety? Myth. In Mr Bean terms; we only have to mine lithium once, we have to mine and refine fossil fuels continuously. Post features 90+km cycle vs 60km range for eBike.

Front cover of A 'light' guide to energy savings in transport

“A ‘Light’ Guide to Energy Savings in Transport” 

The EU mandatory threshold to identify energy savings opportunities (aka energy audits) is to reduce to 10Tj (2.8million litres of diesel eq.) with the adoption of the recast EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2024[1] i.e., the next EU corporate reporting round will bring many tens of thousands of organisations into the scope of transport energy audits to EN16247:2022 Parts 1 & 4 (transport).

So I am proud to see “A ‘Light’ Guide to Energy Savings in Transport”  hit the bookshops this week from River Publishers (https://www.riverpublishers.com/aeebook/book_details.php?book_id=1032) .

What does your car know?

What does your car know? In response to Karlin Lillington’s recent article “Could your old car be giving away all your secrets to its new owner?” I’d thought I’d share what my car knows (spoiler, the answer to Karlin’s question is Yes).