AQ vs GHG emissions

A short introduction to the various transport related emissions, sources, gaming and cheating of the last few years. Next event Driver Motivation.

Update 6th June 2020 with some answers to the questions from the webinar:

  • PM size from tyre wear: “Non-exhaust emissions (NEE) are currently believed to constitute the majority of primary particulate matter from road transport, 60 percent of PM2.5 and 73 percent of PM10 – and in its 2019 report ‘Non-Exhaust Emissions from Road Traffic’ by the UK Government’s Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG), it recommended that NEE are immediately recognised as a source of ambient concentrations of airborne particulate matter, even for vehicles with zero exhaust emissions of particles – such as EVs.”
  • Who’s tracking down to PM1.0? I haven’t been able to find an answer to this one. I can say that in lab testing the emissions are bagged and then weighed i.e. total is what is reported and limited in law. This from the UK AQ Report on Biomass:

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Aimed at HDV operators and in layman’s terms. For more detail and live up to date information please visit:

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With regard to Simon Acton’s campaign to introduce clearer anti-idling laws go to (pls note buses are already prohibited from idling in Dublin city and typically shut down after 3-5mins, if driver does not override). Its a good campaign as clearer laws are needed.

Recording of Wednesday Webinar 3rd June 2020

We’ll update this post with sieve and flora/wildlife answers if/when we get them [completed 6th June 2020 see top]. .

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