AEMS have been delivering training courses and bespoke training in energy management since 2008.

In May 2023 we launched our text book for energy professionals “A ‘light’ guide to energy savings in transport” with River Publishing.  The book is available via and all good academic publishers. ISBN 9788770227148.

All our courses are results focused, where possible we offer homework and peer reviews to ensure projects get completed within the course or immediately after.

  • Our first course was Transport EnergyMAP online for SEAI in 2006.
  • Followed by EnergyMAP and Small Business Training in 2008
  • Since 2011 we offer ISO50001 training either in-house or workshop
    • For 50001 workshops we work with Certification Europe
    • With 50001, we offer in-house refresher courses for energy teams, many of whom may have changed since initial implementation of 50001.
  • To meet demand from UK and other member state governments for transport energy audit expertise, in 2015 we started offering our Transport Energy Management course.

Our training style is interactive, supported with workbooks, templates and tools to make the outcomes as practical as possible for the individual and their employers.

Transport Energy Audit (TEA)

This interactive, practical training course, covers all major aspects of ISO50001 and high quality (ISO 50002 / EN 16247) energy audits in road transport and logistics including:

  • Transport in context and systems, the regulatory and standards framework
  • How to prepare and conduct effective energy audits in transport
  • Supporting tools to identify and quantify opportunities for energy savings
  • Prioritise them into energy action plans, monitor, report and verify results;

Tools and templates supplied including those needed for LCCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis – required under Energy Efficiency Directive 2012).


Upon completion, participants will be well prepared to carry out high quality energy audits in transport and logistics operations in their own enterprise or as external advisor.

Future courses may be accredited cross border with an exam, participants in this course may take the exam and achieve accreditation without repeating the course content. CPD credits are available via representative bodies as is the course itself via AEE Centre

Who should attend?

Experienced professionals who have to complete transport energy projects internally or externally for ISO 50001/14001 implementations or comply with local laws under the Energy Efficiency directive 2012 (ESOS in UK, EAS in Ireland) and the forthcoming EED 2024 which will reduce the threshold for an energy audit from 250 employees to 10Tj or 2.8million litres of diesel equivalent. 


Within the framework of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) 2012 (Article 8) this course helps large organisations meet their obligation to carry out an energy audit including transport at least every four years, with a first energy audit by 5th December 2015.

Energy audits should be high quality audits fulfilling minimum criteria in Annex VI of the EED, carried out in an independent and cost-effective manner by qualified and/or accredited experts.

In Europe, non-compliance fines range from € 5,000 in Ireland and from £ 50,000 through to £ 180,000 per company in the United Kingdom.

Training Course

  • Includes 90 days online support
  • Location : on-site or online
  • CPD: 20 hours over 2.5 days

“Thank you for an absolutely excellent training course these past 2 days. By far the best training I think I have ever attended… No blarney!” – Alan Asbury, Director, CLS Energy (Consultancy) Ltd

General feedback;

  • “Best training course I have ever been on” 
  • “Presenters pace and style were excellent. Very engaging” 
  • “Good, well paced, and clear presentation.”  
  • “The style was good and the ability of the presenter to expand was good.”  
  • “Yes, I liked the style, gave lots of examples”
  • “Conor is great to listen to!”
  • “Very informative, well paced presentations”
  • “Very knowledgeable and engaging.” 
  • “Content was more than I could have hoped for.” 
  • “Good presentation – knew his stuff; good examples and pace. Makes good use of questions”  
  • “Very informative, much more explanative than previous course.”
  • “Very comprehensive coverage with further support if required.”

CONTACT: Conor Molloy on

+353 1 230 5018 (Ireland)