Driver training for fuel savings

Fuel costs are rising and eating your profits: ecodriving delivers sustained savings of 5-10% with existing drivers and vehicles. No vehicle modifications needed.

ECOdrive delivers sustained savings, by focusing on fuel efficiency as the key operator training within a structured approach to energy management.

The benefits:

  • Savings of 5-20% on the day, average of 5-10% in practice
  • Less stressed, more relaxed and productive driving for your employees
  • Reduced wear and tear on your vehicles, leading to higher residual values
  • Cost effective: ECOdrive pays for itself with 250-350 litres saved

Increased profit

Saving 10,000 litres puts up to € 12,000 on your bottom line.

Reduced carbon footprint

A company vehicle driver can cut your carbon footprint by 1 tonne, just by saving 380L of diesel, or € 450 at € 1.20 per litre.