Matthews Coach Hire

First road transport ISO50001

In late 2012 Matthews passed their NSAI certification audit for ISO50001 Energy Management System.   This is one of the very first ISO50001 certificates awarded to a road transport operator anywhere in the world and certainly the first in Ireland.

All credit and congratulations is due to the team at Matthews:  Now Ireland’s cleanest and most efficient passenger service operator at just 20g CO2 per Passenger Km.  Well-deserved international recognition for their commitment to structured fuel management and leadership since 2007.

Update 18th February 2013;  Minister Varadkar makes ISO50001 announcement for Matthews

Transport Energy Management

Since 2007 the team at Matthews have focussed on improving fuel performance, using largely the same vehicles , drivers and routes, weather and traffic have varied, with the following results:

 “With our emissions at just 20g of CO2 per passenger kilometre . . we can confidently say that we are Ireland’s cleanest passenger transport service. Building on a succession of energy awards and independently measured fuel savings from 2008 to 2012, Matthews completed their 50001-certification audit in November 2012. We are indebted to Conor Molloy of Authentic who has been with us through every step of this process,” –Noel Matthews –


  • 2012 Energy Award for energy awareness through driver engagement (ECOdriving) and Energy Savings Credits from REIL the oil industry energy efficiency scheme manager.
  •  2011:Matthews applied for and won 35% grant aid towards the capital and labour costs of installing state of the art vehicle telematics systems. These systems allow Matthews to see driver behaviour in real-time, even as drivers swap vehicles and routes throughout the working day.
  • 2010: SEAI Energy Efficiency Award – Major User
  • 2008: Successfully completed SEAI Transport EnergyMAP programme (developed by Authentic)
Services provided by Authentic to Matthews 2007-2013 
2013 Quarterly performance reviews,;ISO50001 implementation support and working towards 2013/14 surveillance audits for ISO50001 20gCO2e/pax/km
2012 ECOdriving training 26L/100km
2011 Better Energy Workplace grant and project management support 29L/100km
2008-2010 Ad hoc support to team as need arose 30L/100km
2008 Transport EnergyMAP training 33L/100km
2007 Transport Energy Audit 35L/100km