What is ISO 50001 Energy Performance Management?

An energy (or fuel) performance improvement programme. ISO 50001 provides a practical, continuous improvement framework, using less fuel and energy, for the same or more activity or output.

Why is it important?

Fuel and energy costs have doubled in the last 2 years and will continue to rise as oil demand increases across the developing world.

Since 29th September 2014, there is a mandatory requirement for all organisations with 250+ employees* to undertake an energy audit of 90% of energy use by December 2019 or be ISO50001 certified for same. NB this will reduce to 85Tj or 24GWH (roughly 2.4 million litres of diesel) upon transposition of the EED 2023 to Irish law in 2024.

The penalty for non-compliance is a Class A fine.

Act now.  Business Case

The business case for an Energy Management System (an EnMS or ISO 50001):

  • Assume an energy spend of € 5m per annum, or 40+GWh in energy terms
  • Diesel usage at half this, approx. 2m litres per annum or 20GWh and € 2.5m
  • Electricity @ 20GWh costing € 2.5m (@ 12c AUP – including all charges)

Energy management systems (EnMS) typically deliver a 10% saving from low and no cost actions.


Allowing € 50k in internal & external costs, this example business sees a profit of €200,000+ over 12 months. How many new sales would be needed to produce this same amount of profit?  

If the business opts for third party certification, training and internal costs are 50% refunded by Enterprise Ireland.

For SME’s costs are lower, a budget of c.€ 10,000 will more than cover external costs, these costs can be 50% grant-aided and the rest commercially funded i.e. 100% funding is possible before cost savings are taken into account.

How much time commitment? A lot less time than you think!

We implement the structures, processes and reporting procedures to suit your business, staff and needs. We are with you every step of the way. As trainers and advisors, we have the templates and experience to make 50001 time effective in day-to-day business, your team focus on the actions that deliver results, helping to motivate staff, increase profit and sustain effort.

 “Matthews completed our 50001-certification audit in November 2012. We are indebted to Conor Molloy of Authentic who has been with us through every step of this process,”

– Noel Matthews, Matthews.ie