Measure CO2 and social impacts in your logistics network

TK’Blue now available in Ireland – Europe’s leading logistics GHG calculator

Map and reduce your emissions and social impacts across road, rail, sea and air with TK’Blue, Europe’s leading provider of CO2e calculations for multi-modal freight. Complexity made simple.

Ireland cannot change its location in the north Atlantic; but we can improve load factors and profitability, reducing transport emissions through improved performance.

Established in 2011 and with a global presence (see TK’Blue agencies), TK’Blue is now available via its local partner AEMS to enable Irish based exporters, shippers and hauliers to accurately measure and report their CO2e / Greenhouse Gas emissions, and social impacts across their entire supply chain.

Even before Brexit, calculating emissions across a supply chain was a complex and ever-changing task. Frameworks such as the Smart Freight Centre’s GLEC (soon to become ISO14083) helped with default values and methodology.  France’s EN16258 was comprehensive and detailed to suit European values. 

But how do you measure and report emissions across a global supply chain?

TK’Blue offers a single online platform where hauliers and carriers can enter their data – or the data specific to one customer – for a declaration they can use with their customers to reduce waste (and increase profit) whilst reducing emissions.

TK’Blue provides a global and recognised platform of services to select, value and measure the accurate societal impact of our choices and to share, collectively, the benefits in a dynamic and sustainable way.

The platform covers 7 modes and calculates the emissions and impacts of 6 externalities.

  • Modes
  • Urban road
  • Interurban Road
  • Short-Sea
  • Rail
  • Inland waterway
  • Deep-Sea
  • Air
  • Impacts / externalities
  • Climate Change (CO2/GHG)
  • Congestion
  • Air pollution (PM, NOx etc.)
  • Noise
  • Accidents
  • Upstream process

Calculations can be based on default values to start, graduating up through average values per region to specific values for specific vehicles and actual data from actual trips, as the collaboration and data quality increases across all parties to a supply chain over time.

The TK’Blue index allows operators to benchmark performance. The declaration helps them compete internationally to win new business e.g. in back-haul to increase profitability by reducing empty running.

Whilst primarily aimed at the shippers and freight forwarders, the platform is free to use by  operators with a Road Operator Transport Licence (ROTL) enabling shippers to collaborate with their carriers and hauliers to identify opportunities such as empty running to improve load factor and carriers profitability.

For exporting sectors such as pharma, beef, forestry and food requiring accurate emissions data to supply export markets, TK’Blue offers a trusted and recognised platform upon which to build a sustainable logistics programme within existing transport supply chains.

Ireland cannot change its location in the north Atlantic, but we can improve our load factors and profitability by reducing transport emissions through improved performance.

Contact AEMS now to discuss how TK’Blue can help you as a shipper (buyer) or carrier (operator).  01 230 5018 or

29 second video on TK’Blue service


As of March 2020 Enterprise Ireland is supporting sustainable logistics training programmes, if you are an Enterprise Ireland client ask your development advisor about their GreenSTART and GreenPLUS supports for sustainable logistics.

Carriers and operators can register for Enprova funding under EEOS via our partners

Who are TK’Blue

Based in Paris, TK’Blue has been constantly innovating for 9 years now to enable everyone, carriers and transport services buyers alike, to combine environmental and economic performance.
TK’Blue participates with ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) as a French expert at the national and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) levels in the development of the ISO 14083 standard relating to the quantification and declaration of greenhouse gases of transport operations.
Understand TK’Blue in 29 seconds! (video)

Who are AEMS

Established in January 2005, the ‘ECO’ in our ECOfleet and ECOdrive services stands for: Energy efficient, Continuous improvement, Objective measurement.

15 years on, we have worked across Europe as well as in the UK, with over 100 active fleet customers, several large 50001 certified fleets and multiple supply chain programmes designed and delivered.

As a founder member of EENE and an expert on the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) panel we can help across borders and languages.

Our services include training, advice and facilitation and energy audits to identify energy saving opportunities. 

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