How to save fuel with the car you have now

A short video on how to save fuel with the car you have now.

1. Aim for a 5% saving in L/100km, you may easily get 10% or even higher on a good day; but always total your savings annually.

2. Use the long run performance data in your car’s trip computer to do the hard work. it will usually show you a total for the trip, since last refuelling and from last reset (long run).

3. Wind resistance can be 60+% of your fuel use above 60kph, so always check the chin (under bumper) and tail spoilers are in place. If you still have the roof rack or roof box place after the holidays, remove it, its costing at least 5% in fuel consumption.

4. Check tyre pressures regularly and use the car’s TPMS if it has one to alert you to when tyres reduce pressure.  Always check tyre pressures before long journeys.

5. Finally use the live fuel display to see how lifting your foot off the accelerator, or even reducing pressure just a little can save you fuel.

Top tip; all these actions work on electric cars too.