3 steps to offsets

On 27th May Raoul Empey of Sustineo presented our regular webinar on Sustainability in 3 steps (measure, reduce, offset) and how to buy a carbon offset. Key quote:

Beware the toeprint: Better to be mostly right, than 100% accurate and omit a substantial emitter!”

Raoul Empey BA BAI, MSc, CEng MIEI, CEM-I 27 May 2020, Webinar

Please join us for our next webinar on Air Quality emissions vs CO2 & GHG on Wednesday 3rd June 0830-0915hrs see https://aems.ie/webinars/

Click below to see and hear the recording from yesterday’s webinar.

Although Sustineo is a B2B (business to business service) you can buy your first carbon offset at https://sustineo.ie/shop/

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