Manage energy for profit & planet

If energy is 10% of your business costs, a 10% reduction in energy use is 1% extra profit.

We show you how to significantly reduce your business energy use, and thus increase your profit.

Working with your managers, staff, operators and drivers, to reduce the amount of energy your business uses: Our structured approach optimises energy usage in your existing buildings, vehicles and equipment.

To increase your profit this year, by reducing energy use and costs, call us on 01 230 5018.

  • Why choose AEMS? Helping business “manage energy for profit” since 2005: See what our clients say.
  • Who are AEMS? We are an award winning, independent energy advice and training provider.

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Since 2005, AEMS have helped fleets reduce fuel costs by improving their performance in L/100km, L/Tonne or PAX.Km.

  • Our award winning ECOfleet service is used by over 40 large fleets to save fuel and increase profit.
  • Our award winning ECOdrive training and Train the Trainer programmes deliver sustained savings.

Do you trade across Europe?

  • AEMS are founding member for Energy Efficiency Network Europe EENE in Ireland.
  • EENE is a European partnership of leading energy efficiency firms and experts.
  • Registered experts available in all member states.