Delivering real and measured fuel saving for your transport fleet.

  • Save Fuel: Get Paid

The Problem

Diesel fuel costs have doubled in the last 10 years and will continue to rise as oil demand continues to increase in developing economies.

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive 2012 will be enacted into Irish Law in June 2014 with a mandatory requirement for all organisations with 250+ employees to undertake an energy audit by December 2015.

The time to act is now.


The Solution

Launched by the Authentic Energy Management Services in 2006, ECOfleet is a consultancy service designed specifically to evaluate your existing fleet fuel usage and requirements, determine potential fuel savings and implement a program that delivers real and measured fuel savings:

ECOfleet is the only supplier of a complete fleet fuel saving program in the Irish Market.

Every litre of fuel saved contributes €1.00 to your bottom line. The typical 10% fuel usage reduction achieved by Ecofleet will save you €10,000 on every € 100,000 of fuel spend.

Every 100,000 litres of fuel saved also reduces your carbon footprint by 27 tonnes.

ECOfleet fuel saving does not involve modifying your vehicles or using different fuels. We help to achieve the best return from your existing vehicle management, tracking and fleet management systems.

The process is painless and will not result in any disruption to your operations.

ECOfleet can change what is needed for ISO 50001 certification or integrate with existing ISO 14001, 9001 or 18001 certification. We suit your requirements.

Evaluation is simple and straightforward, typically taking 3 days to complete with half a day on site.

Implementing a report structure requires only 2 hours per week over a 6 week period and is tailored to fit in with your existing workload requirements.

The ECOfleet consultancy service costs between €4,000 – €6,000 depending on the level of evaluation and reporting structure required for your organisation.

Financial Assistance

If you are an existing client of Enterprise Ireland you are entitled to a 50% grant (Green Start) of up to €3,150 against the cost of ECOfleet.

This means our service may cost you nothing at all.

In addition, once you have demonstrate measured saving over time with ECOfleet you are entitled to further funding.

Enprova, a collaboration by the IPIA and its members to assist Ireland in meeting energy saving obligations, will provide you with a no quibble financial support, based on measured savings.

The more fuel you save, the more funding you receive.