Measurement & Verification services – IPMVP®


Authentic’s Conor Molloy is an experienced CMVP

– Certified Measurement & Verification Professional.

Why measure + verify – using IPMVP® from EVO®

  • Secure funding for energy efficiency projects
  • Prove the energy efficiency of products & services
  • Base savings on actual field-measured results
  • Verify achievements – comply with ISO50001

IPMVP® stands for International Performance Measurement + Verification Protocol; an open standard for measuring + verifying savings from energy and water efficiency projects, used by financial institutions and governments around the world.  Originating in the USA with EVO it is now widely used in Ireland, UK and EU download it here.

IPMVP® is suggested by SEAI and recommended by the EU Commission JRC.

Who needs IPMVP®

  • energy users need robust methods of verifying achievement of their energy policy objectives, to get or maintain ISO 50001 and other certification
  • potential purchasers of energy efficiency products or services want to know that products and services are proven using widely recognized methods
  • actual purchasers of energy efficiency products or services need to measure their effectiveness, to fine tune performance and inform further purchases.
  • governments and utilities need to know that savings reported from energy efficiency programs are grounded in actual field-measured results.

How much does M+V cost

The guideline for M+V is 3-5% of the first year’s (planned) energy savings.  If engaged at the design stage, M+V  can be cost effectively included in the overall project; fitting standalone M+V metering later, may take a project well beyond the upper 10% limit suggested for M+V projects.

Past work

  •  Local authority and other BEC projects
  •  12,000 House retrofit project in USA
  •  Furnace / smelter conversion from oil to LPG and extensive redesign
  •  Large hospital gas boiler retrofit – converting steam to gas
  • 29 schools across 10 counties
  • IPMVP for lighting & heating
  • 18 month project
  • Hangar Six, lighting project using IPMVP Vol 10:2010, completed Jan’12.
  • World’s first IPMVP for transport fuel savings M&V – 2011-12
    • Used calibrated pump data for baseline
    • Calibrated and tailored telematics systems
  • State warehouse and other retrofit projects for Revenue
  • Including electric vehicle replacement of diesel vans