Tools and supports downloaded from the internet and consolidated here; links may be to document directly or its originating web-site depending on availability.  Documents are free to use but you must acknowledge the originator e.g. SEAI, UK Gov etc..

📋 Action Plan – a sample energy action plan from SEAI, no longer on the SEAI web-site (25/10/17)

📋 Register of Opportunities – ROO, OFI, ECO list etc. a big list of all potential energy-saving opportunities (from SEAI).

⛰️ SEU – Significant Energy User tool from SEAI; enables you to list and identify your SEU’s

⛰️ Offices – significant energy user tool from SEAI.

💶 Energy bills tracker tool from SEAI; single year

💶 Multi-year energy bills tracker tool from SEAI

The location for these tools was be sure to check our for updates.

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