ECOfleet’s highly experienced team of I.T, Finance, H.R and Transport professionals carry out an evaluation of your fleet in terms of:


ECOfleet measure fuel usage and operational efficiency


We travel with your drivers and develop processes to motivate them in improving their productivity and fuel efficiency.


ECOfleet surveys your sites and evaluates loading, idling and waiting times. We also analyse routing and duty cycles.



We survey your current reporting systems in order to provide the necessary information for fuel efficiency and savings.

Undertaking the Evaluation is straightforward, causing little disruption and typically takes 3 days to complete with a half day evaluation on site.

From our evaluation, ECOfleet produces a set of recommendations to deliver maximum fuel efficiency and fuel savings.


We provide:

  • A detailed report of your current fuel efficiency, including carbon footprint and benchmark against the industry average.
  • An integrated fuel efficiency plan with a list of fuel saving opportunities for your fleet.
  • Further fuel efficiency opportunities in terms of alternative fuels, vehicles and technology.


Fuel Management Service

ECOfleet can implement the reporting procedures proposed to suit your business, staff and requirements.

We implement the structures, processes and reporting procedures for you and provide you with monthly reports on fuel efficiency.

ECOfleet then benchmarks your fuel usage with fleets similar to your own in order to determine how you are performing.

Implementing a report structure requires only 2 hours per week over a 6 week period and is tailored to fit in with your existing workload requirements.




ECOfleet’s evaluation service will cost between €4,000 – €6,000 (excluding VAT) depending on the level of evaluation and reporting structures required for your organisation.

If you are an existing client of Enterprise Ireland you are entitled to a Green Start Grant of up to 50% against the cost of ECOfleet. This means our service may cost you nothing at all.


Ongoing fuel management services are charged at a rate of 40% of your fuel savings less the Evaluation fees.

This means there are no upfront payments and we are only paid from the money you save. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

In addition, once you have demonstrated measured saving over time with ECOfleet, you are entitled to further funding from Enprova. Enprova, a collaboration by the IPIA and its members to assist Ireland in meeting energy saving obligations, will provide you with a no quibble financial incentive, measured on a quarterly basis.

The more fuel you save, the more funding you receive.