Driver motivation

Welcome to this weeks webinar responding to topic requests from our fleet customers. Next weeks’ webinar is on Future Fuels.

This week the topic requested was driver motivation, this is a wide and varied a topic as every fleet and every driver is different.

This is a 30 minute introduction, but its fair to say this is a a topic best dealt with in a face to face discussion, so fleets can share ideas and what does and doesn’t work.

So who are drivers? Their average age is increasing year on year, they are generally male, although increasing numbers are female.

As the driver shortage tightens, fleet operators are going further afield to recruit, having moved through eastern European countries, drivers are now being recruited from South Africa.

How do drivers impact on your fleet’s fuel performance?

Money: Driving is – I believe – a highly skilled job, highly skilled jobs do not respond well to cash based performance schemes. Yes, you read that correctly and here’s a video to explain the science: the first 5 minutes is the best, the last 5 gets a bit deeper.

You need to pay drivers enough to make them care about their job before you can engage them in a performance programme.

What works in Ireland

In our experience there are three key steps to a successful driver engagement programme:

First you must be organised, how else will you be able to monitor driver performance and give them feedback? ISO50001 certification is a solution for some but for most operators we see evidence of

  • Leadership from the top
  • Adequate resourcing
  • Regular reporting

Second drivers love comparing themselves, how do you facilitate this?

  • Give them the data – use text, WhatsApp, notice boards, wage packets
  • Show them how to use their vehicles trip computer
  • You will know this is working when drivers discuss L/100km amongst themselves

Third and last, how will you sustain this process?

  • Once the novelty has worn off
  • Price of fuel dips and savings vanish
  • Apps will help but remember the personal touch, make time to say thank you

Summary there’s more to driving than fuel use, which is my focus, many of our operators reward drivers monetarily which is fine, but what do you do when the price of fuel drops and the values goes with it? Try to find a balance between motivation, money and recognition.

Link to the webinar recording See you next week.

Updates from this mornings webinar:

As requested what do truck drivers think of electric trucks (autonomous to follow)

And that self driving truck operational in Sweden since last year

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